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Michael Goldenberg

Michael Goldenberg

Michael Goldenberg is the founder and President of DebtCare Canada Inc. With an extensive background in business management, Michael spent 20 years operating a commodity trading firm. A believer in social responsibility and ethical business practices, Michael is passionate about giving back to the community. This dedication led to the creation of DebtCare Canada, a service for those who struggle with debt. As a family man with two preteen children, Michael has long been a resource to family and friends assisting them with financial guidance. Wanting to make a difference coupled with the desire to make this service unique led to the inception of WeCare Canada, the community out-reach branch of the DebtCare Canada family. Studies have shown that financial crisis can cause and aggravate illness, stress, anxiety, and contribute to family break-down. Struggling with debt can be a humbling and often shameful experience. WeCare Canada reaches out to communities and works with families who struggle with debt by helping Canadians face their challenges with knowledge, confidence and when required, representation.

When Michael formed DebtCare Canada he refused to offer the typical “credit counselling/debt services” offered by other credit counselling agencies. Seeing that Bankruptcy Trustees and Credit Counselling agencies are one dimensional, Michael formed a multi-faceted team. A group of senior financial consultants, credit counsellors, advocates, accountants and in-house legal counsel offer clients a turnkey solution. DebtCare Canada provides education about government programs, information on informal proposals, household budgeting, legal representation and extended help in many areas for business owners.

“Clients who come to DebtCare Canada all receive a free, no obligation consultation. Only in the event that they wish to take part in a program will there be a fee. The fee is nominal (one that most families can afford) and will not be payable to DebtCare until the client receives approval of the program.”

Currently, Michael’s role as President of the organization has him establishing and negotiating strategic partnerships that enable DebtCare Canada to set a new standard in the Financial Consulting industry. Contact Michael at: mgoldenberg@debtcare.ca


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