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Back Taxes?

Owe Back Taxes and Can't Pay?

Sitting on a mountain of back taxes?

Past due returns not filed because you owe and can’t pay?

Whether it’s personal Income Tax, HST or Payroll, DebtCare Canada CAN help!

shutterstock_298308692We provide access to one of the only programs that can resolve a CRA back tax problem.

  • Often your principal tax debt can be reduced
  • Interest and penalties immediately stop
  • Frozen bank accounts are unfrozen
  • Wage garnishments are lifted
  • Garnishments to customers are lifted
  • You are able to make a single monthly payment

CRA will be off your back!

Protect your home before CRA registers a lien.

Has CRA issued you or one of your customers a “Requirement to Pay” order?

CRA is not required to give you any advance warning before freezing your bank account or garnishing your wages.

Get ahead of your tax problem. Tax evasion is illegal. We can help with all types of tax issues.

Want to find out more? Use the contact form to book a free consultation or contact us at 1-888-890-0888.


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