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Back to School Blues? Consolidate Credit Cards and Stop the Interest

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Back to School Blues? Consolidate Credit Cards and Stop the Interest

The back to school season, particularly for parents, is often a very hectic time of year, especially with regard to finances. The need/desire for new school clothes, shoes and supplies often leaves parents with racked up credit cards once all is said and done – or rather, purchased. And often accompanying these credit card bills is the challenge of finding money to pay them off.

Check out this infographic from BMO to see just what these costs add up to:


So, what options are available? Consolidating credit cards is a great way to reduce your debt – and often makes sense – but the type of consolidation depends on your own personal circumstances. Here are a few options that may be available to help you deal with that back to school debt.

  1. Home equity loan. By using the equity in your home, you can consolidate credit cards, thereby reducing interest and consolidating the various bills into one monthly payment. Of course, this is only possible if you own a home and have sufficient equity for this purpose. If you rent, or are without equity, this is probably not going to be a viable option for you.
  2. Consumer proposal. This is another great option, especially if your credit isn’t great or if you don’t have the security or equity for a loan. A consumer proposal will have some impacts on your credit in the short term, but this is balanced out by the fact that interest stops accumulating, there is, like a loan, just a single monthly payment, and in many cases the overall debt owing is reduced.
  3. Line of credit or loan from a lender. This is another good option, and can achieve the same things as a home equity loan: lower interest and one monthly payment. You will need to have good credit or security for this option. At the same time, this is often the most expensive option of all because it will involve higher interest than a home equity loan or a consumer proposal.

Kids are expensive, and when back to school season rolls around, they can become even more so. Once those bills start coming in, don’t stress. Call DebtCare Canada to find out about how to consolidate credit cards and get rid of debt: 1-888-890-0888.



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