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Beware of Toronto Debt Consultants – What You Need to Know

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Beware of Toronto Debt Consultants – What You Need to Know

debt3Toronto debt consultants are great because they can help you get out of debt and get in between you and the trustees and banks to help you negotiate the best deal when financially restructuring. What is important to note, however, is that there are different types of debt consultants – and not all are created equal.

As with any industry, you have to take care when vetting a service provider. Here is a checklist of things you can do to ensure that you are dealing with the right debt consultant.

Start by questioning how you know about them? Did you see an advertisement for their services on a telephone pole, promising services for low rates and a really quick turnaround? It may be best to rethink that particular company as your ‘go-to’ solution.

Google them. Do they come up? A reliable debt consultant will have a webpage that should come up on Google. If you can’t find anything, this is probably a good indication that their services are not up to par with some of their competitors.

Look at their website. Does it look homemade or does it look as though they’ve spent time and resources building an attractive, engaging medium for customers to get a feel for their business?

Look for reviews. Do they have any? Online reviews have become one of the best ways for customers to scope out potential service providers, so make use of them. A company that allows reviews to be posted offers transparency – they are not trying to hide anything.

Check social media. How many followers does the company have? A well-respected, long-standing company will have well established social networks that boast a good following. This also suggests the company provides value over social media, something to take advantage of.

Do they have an office you can go to? The ability to stop by and speak directly with your consultant is a great way to gain a better understanding and create a relationship built on trust.

Most important: if they ask for money up front – run!! A reputable company should be able to recommend a service, solution and price before asking you for a deposit. Any company that requires full payment up front is likely scamming, so be very careful.

There are many reliable Toronto debt consultants out there, but unfortunately there are also some less than savory ones too. It is the latter group that you need to watch out for, so use these indicators to better investigate those companies you hope will meet your financial needs.

At DebtCare, we pride ourselves on being experienced and respected in the industry.

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