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Code of Ethics & Professional Standards

Code of Ethics

Our Code of Ethics

We at DebtCare Canada can be counted upon to act at the highest level of truth and integrity as we work upon all matters pertaining to your financial needs. We will:

  • protect the client’s right to privacy and confidentiality
  • advocate as warranted the individual client’s rights and interests
  • ensure all financial assessments are fair and unbiased
  • offer service to all persons regardless of income level
  • have respect for the rights and interests of third parties
  • respect the dignity, worth and integrity of the client
  • respect the right to self-determination of the client
  • regard the well-being of the person served as our primary professional obligation
  • provide competent service in keeping with the established standards of professional practice and conduct
  • encourage clients to develop the ability to manage their own financial affairs
  • ensure that professional responsibility to our client takes precedence over the advocate’s personal aims or values
  • limit counselling to financial matters and will refer non-financial problems to appropriate professionals
  • know, maintain and strive to improve the policies and procedures of the agency, in accordance with acceptable standards of professional practice
  • continually improve knowledge and skills in Credit Counselling and share such expertise with other credit counsellors

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