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Credit Fix Program

Credit Fix Program

We help you repair your credit – errors, bad credit history and more…

Credit RepairIt all starts when the bank says no. You ask why and they say because of your credit report but won’t tell you why. You later learn something bad has been reported to your credit report. Perhaps something from your past or a flat out mistake!

And the finger pointing begins… Credit reporting agencies are among the most frustrating to deal with when there is a dispute over something that has been reported. The credit reporting agency will tell you that your creditor has to resolve it and the dispute process is long and arduous. Your creditor, especially when there is an error, will try to say everything is fine and it is the credit reporting agency’s problem. What do you do?

We take the hassle out of resolving credit issues and help you fix your credit.

Our credit repair program deals with the following credit issues:

  • Errors on your credit report
  • Old items continuing to report
  • Duplicate items reporting
  • Disputes
  • Past bad credit – late payments, defaults, bankruptcies
  • Rebuilding credit after bad credit history and more…

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Our Process

A turn-key solution for credit repair.

Our credit repair program includes:

  1. Obtaining your credit report from all credit reporting agencies
  2. Reviewing it with you, explaining each attribute and identifying issues
  3. Summarizing the issues and advising you which documents you will need to initiate a dispute
  4. Initiating the dispute with the credit reporting agencies documenting every step
  5. Follow-up to the credit reporting agencies to ensure they have taken action

The process of resolving credit can be incredibly long and frustrating if unrepresented – our process is your best shot at a quick resolution of a credit problem

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