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Debt Consolidation and Debt Help to Hamilton Residents

Why Choose DebtCare?

We specialize in debt consolidation by accessing government options to eliminate or reduce your debt.

If you have over $8,000 of unsecured
debts, CALL NOW!

  • AVOID bankruptcy
  • STOP wage garnishments
  • STOP harassing phone calls
  • PROTECT your home and car

Get a financial fresh start

  • REDUCE credit card debt
  • REDUCE Canada Revenue Debt
  • REDUCE your interest rate to 0%
  • CONSOLIDATE your debts into one

The Economy in Hamilton

Historically the most important economic activity in Ontario has been manufacturing, and the Toronto–Hamilton region is the most highly industrialized section of the country.

With sixty percent of Canada’s steel being produced in Hamilton by Stelco and Dofasco, the city has become known as the Steel Capital of Canada. After nearly declaring bankruptcy, Stelco rebounded to become one of the most profitable steel producers in North America. It currently has approximately 7,300 employees at its Hamilton plants.

In 2006, General Electric, Vicwest Steel and Swiss-owned SFS Intec all chose to relocate to Hamilton from the neighbouring area. In addition, existing companies like Taylor Steel, G.T. French, Superior Boilerworks and Connon Nurseries all made major investments in their Hamilton operations.

With Toronto’s growth it has become a less affordable place to do business and the result is growth in the surrounding economies, like Hamilton.

If you have been seeking help with debt, you may have visited (or thought about visiting) a number of places:

  • Debt consolidation from your Hamilton bank
  • A Bankruptcy Trustee in Hamilton
  • Consumer Credit Counselling in Hamilton

Unmanageable debt can be stressful. There are so many reasons that people cannot pay their debts. Unexpected job loss, disability, divorce, addiction, failed businesses, issues with children, mismanagement of credit and income taxes are all common causes of financial crisis.

DebtCare Canada is different. We are NOT a bankruptcy trustee and we don’t ONLY offer credit counselling.

To find out more call DebtCare Canada at 888-890-0888.


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