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DebtCare Offers Debt Consolidation and Debt Help to Pickering Residents

Why Choose DebtCare?

We specialize in debt consolidation by accessing government options to eliminate or reduce your debt.

If you have over $8,000 of unsecured
debts, CALL NOW!

  • AVOID bankruptcy
  • STOP wage garnishments
  • STOP harassing phone calls
  • PROTECT your home and car

Get a financial fresh start

  • REDUCE credit card debt
  • REDUCE Canada Revenue Debt
  • REDUCE your interest rate to 0%
  • CONSOLIDATE your debts into one

The Economy in Pickering

Pickering’s economy was spawned out of the Pickering Nuclear Generating Station. Ontario Power Generation, the plants’ operator, is the largest single employer in the city. In 2001, the wind-powered OPG 7 Commemorative Turbine was opened on the generating station site.

Pickering is a founding member of the Durham Strategic Energy Alliance or DSEA. The nucleus of the DSEA is primarily made up of Pickering businesses such as Ontario Power Generation, Veridian, Wardrop Engineering, AECL, Intellimeter, Areva and Eco-Tec.

In Pickering, mass layoffs at the nearby GM plant (and the local businesses that were suppliers to GM that also felt the impact of the labour dispute) as well as the recession have pushed some folks to their limits, not because they don’t want to pay their debts but because they can’t.

While Profit magazine recognized Pickering as one of the top 10 cities in Canada in which to grow a business many Pickering families are carrying an unmanageable amount of debt. DebtCare Canada helps people deal with debt.

If you have been seeking help with debt, you may have visited (or thought about visiting) a number of places:

  • Your Pickering bank for a debt consolidation loan
  • A Bankruptcy Trustee in Pickering
  • Consumer Credit Counselling in Pickering

Divorce, addiction, job loss, failed businesses, issues with children, mismanagement of credit and income taxes are all common causes of financial crisis.

We are financial professionals who are capable of dealing with all types of financial situations.

For more information call 888-890-0888.


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