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Differences Between Various Types of Debt Companies

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Differences Between Various Types of Debt Companies

As a financial consulting company, we are often asked about the different types of debt companies. With several different types offering several different services, it is so important to know what these differences are. When you’re looking for solutions to a financial problem, ensuring you’re dealing with the right company is essential.

Debt settlement companies. These types of debt companies have received a significant amount of bad press in recent years – and for good reason. While these companies claim to offer debt help, what they actually do is often far more dangerous. Most will tell you to stop paying your bills and instead they will collect your money to later settle your debts. Over time, as this money accrues in their account, your debts grow, and your credit is severely damaged. By the end of the agreement, you will likely have paid far more in fees, ruined your credit, and made your overall financial problems worse. What’s worse, many of these companies have gone out of business before ever releasing any money collected.

Debt consultants. Debt consultants typically offer one service and that is to review your financials and then send you to a trustee for a consumer proposal or bankruptcy. If your debt is significant, sometimes a consumer proposal or bankruptcy is the best option. However, debt consultants will present them as the only ones, even if they don’t actually make the most sense, sometimes causing more harm than good.

Financial consulting companies. These companies deal with a wide range of financial products and services and can help both those with major financial troubles as well as those with smaller financial issues. These companies don’t take the ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach and instead begin with a thorough examination of your circumstances to be able to offer the most valuable advice. Most will offer solutions such as mortgages, consulting, help with budgeting, even overall representation in addition to bankruptcies and consumer proposals. These companies are more concerned with ensuring you make the right decision for your circumstances – not their bottom line.

When you’re struggling to meet your financial obligations and the stress is keeping you up at night, you need real help, help that will actually make sense. Financial consulting companies are there to ensure that you receive the advice and assistance you need, no matter what your situation is.

When it comes to debt companies, don’t settle for anything less than the best. It is your money, protect it. DebtCare Canada is proud to be a financial consulting company that offers a wide variety of services to clients looking for debt help.

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