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Pam Shimmerman is a lawyer and debt management specialist with DebtCare Canada. She works with individuals, families and small businesses by representing their interests and providing them with the best solution for their debt problems.

Starting Over

At DebtCare we understand that divorce is one of the leading causes for debt and debt one of the leading causes for divorce. Struggling with finances puts a great deal of stress on the relationship. Once the relationship has ended and you are starting over, Pam can help you to put aside the stress and anxiety that come with debt and divorce in order to move on and rebuild your life. Calling DebtCare will give you a starting point in order to organize your financial future with a number of different options including government and non-government programs.

What's your solution?

Pam is a working professional and divorced mom of three. Her experience, both personally and professionally, in dealing with divorce give her the ability to provide empathy and insight into your financial situation and work with you to find the right solution and the light at the end of the tunnel. We can help you to start planning ahead, organizing your financial situation, reach your financial goals and to provide relief and strength to you along the way.

Don't do this by yourself. Pam can help you. Reach out to Pam for a free assessment to discuss your financial situation. Call 1-888-890-0888 ext 103.


When I first contacted DebtCare Canada, I had just finalized my divorce and was going through the most painful time in my life. Pam was empathetic and caring. She really understood what I was going through. Her personal experience with divorce and the financial implications helped me to reduce my credit card debt by $21,000 and allowed me to breathe again.

- Lisa K, Oshawa

After separating from my wife, I was left with half of my heart and ton of debt. Pam was able to walk me through the process of cleaning up my financial situation, reducing my debt and was very understanding throughout. Thanks so much!

- Ron D, New Brunswick

During my divorce I was so distraught and let my debt get the better of me. I ended up owing over $50,000 in personal debt on credit cards, loans and Canada Revenue! I finally decided enough was enough and called DebtCare. Pam was able to gently walk me through the process and reduce my debt down to $15,000. I am now able to pay my bills on time and have a chance at a fresh start.

- Melanie Z, Toronto


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