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Don’t Be Fooled: The Truth About Pay Day Loans

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Don’t Be Fooled: The Truth About Pay Day Loans

Payday LoansIn the world of credit, a payday loan has become an increasingly popular form of financial funding. The ease with which they can be obtained makes them seem attractive to many who need quick cash. The ability to walk into a payday loan location and walk out with cash can be very tempting – but beware. This week’s school for debt relief is all about the truth about pay day loans.

What is a pay day loan? Pay day loans are those loans given by an institution that is not a bank, and are generally short term. They are called payday loans because the borrower typically borrows just enough money to get through to the next payday, at which time repayment is due.

These are just short term loans, so what’s the harm? Well, when you take out a pay day loan you are agreeing to pay back the full amount in a very short period of time (usually by the time you next get paid), coupled with a fee that can range from 20 to up to 500 percent.

Think about it this way: Let’s say your car breaks down and the total cost of the bill is $1000 (unfortunately a very common occurrence). However, your finances are tight right now so that $1000 is not readily available but you can’t get to work without your car. So you decide to go to a pay day loan company to borrow that $1000 for a period of 1 month. Let’s say that company charges $20 per $100 borrowed (a typical fee). That means that on top of the $1000 you owe $200 in fees. So, at the end of the loan period you owe $1200. Hmmm, if you didn’t have that extra $1000 at the beginning for the month, are you likely to have it at the end. So you roll it over, getting charged an extra $200 for a month’s extension…the loan doesn’t seem so small now, does it?

If you require a short term loan, initially pay day loans can seem very attractive. But once you have broken them down and added the fees and interest, it is clear why these credit products are less than beneficial, no matter how you look at it. Pay day loans should be avoided at all costs – their costs to you are just too high.

If you have found yourself stuck in a pay day loan cycle and need help getting out please contact DebtCare Canada today by calling 1-888-890-0888.


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