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Federal Programs for Debt Relief

Federal Government Options provide immediate relief to those who are struggling with financial problems.

Participating in a Federal Government Option will:

– Stop collection action and wage garnishments by creditors
– Freeze interest
– May involve settling your debt for much less then you owe in may cases
– Protect assets and RRSP’s
–  Stop legal action
–  Stop collection action from the Canada Revenue Agency
– Allow you to make one single payment, and more…

We provide you with access to Federal Government Options that will help you get out of debt fast and get a fresh start.

First, our financial advisors will look at your financial situation to first determine if a Federal Government option is the right solution to your financial problem. We then outline all of your options and of course, consultation is always free.

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DebtCare Partners Program

Do you work with clients who struggle financially?
Through the DebtCare Partners Program, you can get your clients the financial and budgeting help they need.

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