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Getting Prepared: Consolidate Your Debt Long Before the Holidays

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Getting Prepared: Consolidate Your Debt Long Before the Holidays

debt2With the end of September fast approaching, that means the seasons are officially changing. It also means that the holiday season is only 3 short months away. If you are in debt, this can become a stressful time, very quickly. People often rack up considerable debt over the summer months, with family vacations and the like – but once the summer is over, it comes time to face reality once again, and for many that means dealing with that mountain of debt.

Instead of continuing to put it off, why not establish a plan to deal with the debt sooner, rather than later. Use these tips to help get yourself prepared.-

-Start with a budget. Look at your monthly payments, where you spend your money on a regular basis. An easy way to do this is with a budget template – one that includes all incoming and outgoing costs. Then think about where you can cut back. Perhaps you can eliminate some of the unnecessary expenditures, instead using that money to pay off your debts.

-Look at the debt you have. How long have you owed the money, who do you owe the money to, and how much interest are you paying versus what is going onto those balances? Are you only making minimum payments and not actually paying down the debt?

-Once you’ve examined your debt situation, consider your debt repayment options. Restructure debt if necessary – minimum payments don’t pay down debt.

-Get a professional financial consultation to learn your consolidation options – while focusing on long and short term financial goals. Consolidating all of your debts may be easier than you think – and the various options available may actually save you a lot of money in the long run.

-Start saving. With the money that will be required for gifts, why not start putting away a little bit every paycheque? You might be surprised at how much this will take from your shoulders come December.

With the holidays coming up fast, make this the year you go into the season debt free. Eliminate the stress that this time of year can bring, and instead use it as a time to enjoy family and friends, without having to worry about what the New Year will cost you.

Rather than racking up holiday debt and crying over those bills in January, why not come up with a financial plan now? Call DebtCare Canada today at 1-888-890-0888.


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