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Is a Debt Consolidation Loan the Answer to Holiday Debt?

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Is a Debt Consolidation Loan the Answer to Holiday Debt?

debt2You made it through the holidays and now the credit card bills are rolling in. You went a little over your original holiday budget (don’t we all?), and now the credit cards are maxed out with no real way to pay them off. Perhaps you’ll just make the minimum payments for a while, until you’re back on your feet and feeling more secure – but will that ever happen? Do most of us actually have that extra cash each month to cover those bills? Probably not, since we wouldn’t rely so heavily on credit cards for holiday purchases if we did.

Ok, so what is the problem with just paying the minimum payment? At least the bill is being paid, right? Sure, you’re paying the bill, but those monthly payments are comprised mainly of interest, meaning your actual balances decrease by mere pennies – and don’t ever really go down.

This seems pretty negative so far, we know, but it is about to get better. Instead of just paying the minimum payments and not getting anywhere, consider a debt consolidation – this is a great way to save interest and get rid of those balances.

If you own your own home, you’ve got access to a consolidation product that can save you a lot of money and time. Using your home is one of the cheapest ways to consolidate debt – but a regular mortgage can mean long terms and higher interest. Instead, go for one that is handled more like a loan.

For example, if $20,000 is required to pay off your debt, and you’re considering a normal second mortgage, your broker will amortize that debt into the first or second mortgage and stretch it over 25 years. That means that you are paying interest on $20,000 for 25 years – when that is largely unnecessary.

Instead, when you work with a company that finds a mortgage product that works more like a loan, one that does not involve your first mortgage in the process, the issues with amortization and interest disappear. For example, a 5 year amortization and 5 year “open” term mean the debt is done in 5 years or less at your option, your first mortgage is not disrupted and you are not paying that interest for a long period of time – and that interest is lower than most other debt consolidations because it is a mortgage.

If you want to start 2016 on the right track financially, a debt consolidation loan may just be the answer to dealing with those holiday bills – and a mortgage that is structured more like a loan is a great way to do it!

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