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Let us help you reduce or eliminate your debt!

The Canadian Government has introduced a number of legislated options to help Canadians just like you reduce or eliminate their debt. We help corporations and individuals, who despite their best intentions cannot keep up with their payments. You have options besides bankruptcy which include debt settlement, debt consolidation, budget management, financial restructuring and more. We give you access to these solutions and represent YOU through the process.

Studies show that people that are overwhelmed with debt take over six months to call someone for help. During this six month period the debt will grow to an even more unmanageable amount. It is very important to take action on your debt as soon as possible. DebtCare serves clients from coast to coast, from big cities like Toronto, Montreal, Calgary and Vancouver, to small rural areas all across Canada. At DebtCare Canada we present you with a wide range of financial solutions that can…

  • Stop garnishments and protect your wages
  • Reduce or eliminate Revenue Canada debt
  • Stop harassing phone calls from creditors
  • Consolidate all of your debts into one
  • Reduce or eliminate credit card debt
  • Reduce your interest rates to 0%
  • Preserve your assets