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PRESS RELEASE – September 2011 – The WeCare Canada Initiative

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PRESS RELEASE – September 2011 – The WeCare Canada Initiative

TORONTO SEPTEMBER 16, 2010 – DebtCare Canada, a Canadian financial consulting firm is announcing a new initiative, WeCare Canada, aimed to provide public education to help Canadians who struggle with debt.

Through WeCare Canada, DebtCare Canada will be reaching into communities offering programs and resources to help families paralyzed by debt. DebtCare Canada offers families a wide range of tools and resources to deal with their debt. The solution could be a simple as a one-on-one counselling session with a Financial Counsellor and some re-budgeting. In more complex situations, individuals can gain help with financial restructuring and access to third party resources that may offer the solution to their financial problem.

Through WeCare Canada, DebtCare Canada Financial Counsellors will be available to host “WeCare Days” at local community centres, places of worship and other agencies where the community congregates. On WeCare Days, The DebtCare Financial Advisor will offer free counselling sessions to individuals who chose to attend for help.

In May of 2011 the Globe and Mail reported that based on Canada’s total household debt, that the average household debt per Canadian is $41,740. It is time that Canadians start to have a serious discussion about debt and the WeCare Canada initiative aims to start that discussion.

As part of this announcement DebtCare is proud to announce that Karen Goldenberg has joined the DebtCare team as Director of Community Outreach. The former CEO of JVS Toronto, Karen brings extensive experience to the DebtCare Canada team having led successful private and non-profit charitable health, education and social service agencies. Karen will head up the WeCare Canada initiative with a mandate to build awareness of DebtCare’s continued mission to end the epidemic of personal over-indebtedness in Canada.

If you would like more information about the WeCare Canada please contact Karen Goldenberg at 888-890-0888 to set up an appointment at your convenience. You can also visit www.debtcare.ca/wecarecanada or www.facebook.com/wecarecanada.


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