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Repairing Bad Credit – What to Do When Old Items Just Won’t Go Away!

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Repairing Bad Credit – What to Do When Old Items Just Won’t Go Away!

deb2When money is tight, and bills can’t always be paid, choosing one bill over another may seem like the lesser of two evils. What can it hurt, letting a bill go unpaid, then planning to pay it the following month? Then next month’s statement comes, and the amount owing has doubled, so you opt to pay it and leave a different bill unpaid. What originally seemed like a solid plan has quickly turned into a nightmare. When this is the case, repairing bad credit becomes incredibly difficult.

However, once you regain control of your finances, those items listed on the credit report should just disappear, right? After all, you are managing your money more effectively and not missing any bills. Unfortunately this isn’t how it works. This is especially true when items are sent to collections.

Evolution of an erroneous collection item on your credit report:

  • You get behind with bills, and when bills are not paid monthly, these are reported to your credit report, causing trade lines for the credit product to go into default.
  • Eventually that account is assigned to collections and a second item for the same debt is registered.
  • Over time the account is cancelled with the collection agency and then assigned to another one, but the first one didn’t remove their item. The new collection agency now registers an item.
  • Fast forward 7 years – when you would assume everything should be gone – but all 3 items are still on the credit report and it feels like they are impossible to get rid of! So what can you do as far as repairing bad credit?

Credit reporting agencies are regulated and have to follow the Consumer Reporting Act. They are regulated by the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services. According to the Act, after 7 years of no activity on an account (activity is a payment, using the account, writing off the account, etc.) it should be removed from the credit report. However, sometimes this does not happen.

What are your options? Should you just continue to wait and hope for the best? No. There is no guarantee that the agency even knows about the mistake – they probably do not. This means you have to get your credit report, prove that no activity has taken place, and then start the battle with TransUnion and Equifax.

Great, a battle has to take place? The pen may be mightier than the sword, but that doesn’t necessarily mean these agencies are apt to read whatever you’ve written. Sometimes it takes a bit more pushing and shoving to get the job done. What you need is someone in your corner who can take up arms in your defense, a representative with the knowledge and understanding of both how these agencies function as well as the importance this issue holds for your financial stability.

Bad credit makes it almost impossible to do anything, things like financing a home or car, and if you get the financing interest rates will be sky high! Don’t let the prospect of repairing bad credit scare you – it needs to be done.

DebtCare Canada has a brand new program that places a representative in your corner – someone with the ability to deal with TransUnion and Equifax and have old items removed from your credit report. When it comes to repairing bad credit, call us for help: 1-888-890-0888.



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