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CRA Debt – Dealing With Canada Revenue Agency


CRA Debt – Dealing With Canada Revenue Agency

A tax debt with the Canada Revenue Agency can wreak havoc on both your financial and personal life. If the CRA decides that you owe them money, they will come after you. If you cannot pay them in full they will take aggressive collection action against you.

Whether you already have a tax debt, or are behind filing returns and know that you will owe money, you have options. These options do not include having to hire expensive tax lawyers.

At DebtCare we use programs that have been made available by the Federal Government to negotiate with the Canada Revenue Agency and have been quite effective at getting:

  • Requirements to Pay lifted from our clients bank accounts
  • Garnishments removed from our clients wages
  • Liens removed from our clients properties

We can work with you on strategies to eliminate your tax debt and keep your finances intact.

If you own your home, we can find out if the CRA has registered a lien on your property. If they have not we can help you make swift financial decisions to protect your assets.

The only available options to negotiate a reduction of tax are through these programs.


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