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The Best Valentine Ever – A Clean Financial Slate

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The Best Valentine Ever – A Clean Financial Slate

debt2It is almost Valentine’s Day, and that means that everywhere you look, love seems to be in your face. If you are in a relationship that is rosy, this may just put a smile on your face and make you giddy inside. If, however, you’re at the other end of the spectrum, struggling with relationship stress, this may just make you feel down in the dumps.

If you and your partner are having trouble, Valentine’s Day is not usually something that sparks a flame of passion. It can sometimes have the opposite effect, working to highlight how ‘happy’ everyone else is in comparison to you.

Ok, so far this hasn’t been the happiest of articles, but we are going to try and help, we promise. This does have an optimistic point.

A number of studies done in Canada over the last few years have narrowed down the top 5 reasons for divorce:

  • Growing apart
  • Abuse – emotional or physical
  • Infidelity
  • Mid-life Crisis

Some of these may not be workable as far as fixing an issue, but since our business is helping people with financial problems, we can at least work with one!

Money is a major cause of strain in many relationships, so if you are constantly arguing over money, know that you’re not alone. According to CBC News, “The recent economic downturn has proven to be a stressor for families. The higher cost of living means most families now require two income earners to achieve an average standard of living. More families are also struggling with debt and poverty.” People are dealing with financial pressures on a daily basis, and this is causing pressure on relationships.

Ok, we said we were going to help, and so far we’ve just given more bad news. That stops now. If money is a cause of concern in your relationship, leading to stress and strain, we can help. If money has been the root cause of marital problems then it should be a top priority.

  1. Sit down together and make a realistic budget. Include everything and take a positive approach to setting goals for the next year – this will give you something to work on together.
  2. Consider using your home to clean up those financial issues that are causing problems in your relationship. If you own your own home, you’ve got access to a consolidation product that can save you a lot of money and time. Using your home equity is one of the cheapest ways to consolidate debt, provided that the instrument is handled more like a loan with shorter terms and therefore lower interest.
  3. Speak with a financial specialist to get a plan in place to conquer your debt and clear up your financial stressors.

Debt and financial issues will put a strain on any relationship – just don’t let it ruin what you’ve worked so hard to build. Remember, you are not alone.

Call DebtCare today and make Valentine’s Day a day to celebrate again. 1-888-890-0888.




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