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The government entities can likely provide you with useful information that will help you prepare your claim or defence.


This is where you can find Provincial legislation that may apply to your legal problem.


You can use this service to create Small Claims Court forms using an easy to use tutorial. The service is fully automated and includes Claims and Defences.

Ministry of Attorney General

The Ministry of Attorney General oversees the Ontario Small Claims Court

Financial Services Commission of Ontario (FSCO)

FSCO regulates insurance, pensions, credit union, caisses populaires, cooperatives, mortgage brokers and Loan & Trust Companies. FSCO’s mandate is to enhance consumer confidence and public trust in regulated sectors; and also to make recommendations to the Minister on matters affecting the regulated sectors.

The Ministry of Government Services (MGS)

MCBS is responsible for one of the longest lists of statutes in the Ontario government, with a total of 67 statutes and a provision of the Criminal Code. Some of these include:

– Bailiffs Act
– Business Practices Act
– Collection Agencies Act (3rd Party Collection Agencies)
– Consumer Protection Act
– Condominium Act
– Consumer Reporting Act (i.e.: Equifax)
– Loan Brokers Act
– Motor Vehicle Repairs Act
– Ontario New Home Warranties Act
– Residential Complex Sales
– Business Corporations Act
– Corporations Act
– Personal Property and Security Act
– Repair and Storage Liens Act
– Land Titles Act
– Land Registry Reform Act

If you are a consumer having problems with a company that falls under any of these acts, these are the people to get in touch with. They have a very effective complaint process that has in our experience been highly effective.

The Law Society of Upper Canada

The Law Society of Upper Canada is the self-governing body for lawyers in Ontario. The primary responsibility or mandate of the Law Society is to regulate the legal profession in the public interest according to Ontario law and the Law Society’s rules, regulations and guidelines To further help the public, the Law Society offers public services such as the Lawyer Referral Service which matches individuals with local lawyers with the proper expertise, a directory of certified specialists and the Lawyers Fund for Client Compensation which helps clients who have lost money because of a lawyer’s dishonesty. A member directory, with lawyer’s contact information, is also available on-line.

To promote access to justice, the Law Society supports programs such as Pro Bono Law Ontario and the Public Legal Education Task Force.

Ontario Motor Vehicle Industry Council (OMVIC)

OMVIC is a self management body of about 30,000.00 registered car dealers and sales persons in Ontario

This entity operates under the umbrella of the Motor Vehicle Dealers Act. The administration of this act and its regulations is the direct responsibility of OMVIC. Individuals buying and selling vehicles for a living must adhere to the principals of the act. Otherwise OMVIC has the authority to impose disciplinary and legal action upon them.


Use Equifax to view a current credit report online.


Canada’s only online Financial Report Card. This service allows users to see how their financial profile fares in comparison to what the majors banks look for in an applicant.


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