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We specialize in solving your debt crisis by stopping creditors from taking your paycheque.

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  • STOP cash flow problems
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  • CONSOLIDATE your debts into one
  • REDUCE family aggravation
  • REDUCE emotional stress
  • REDUCE your interest rate to 0%
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We've helped thousands of Canadians live debt free – We can help you!

I was surprised to find my paycheque had been garnished for unpaid income tax. I contacted DebtCare and they were are to help me lift the garnishment and find a solution for my debt. Outstanding job!

- Marie in Cobb's Arm, NFLD

As I was making monthly payments to pay back my debt, I was shocked and embarrassed to find my employer had garnished me. I was confused until I spoke with someone at DebtCare. They solved my debt issue and got rid of the garnishment. Thanks for all your help.

- Jenny in Hamilton, ON

So thankful I came across the DebtCare website! They helped me to find a solution to my garnishment issue and I cannot thank them enough for their help and advise.

- Chris in Vancouver, BC

What makes DebtCare different?

DebtCare Canada is a Debt Consulting Organization that helps all Canadians who are overwhelmed with debt.

We are NOT trustees in Bankruptcy. Trustees claim to take a neutral role between you and your creditor, but their responsibility is to maximize the amount you pay to your creditors. In addition, Trustees get paid a percentage of how much you pay to those creditors.

We are different. DebtCare Canada acts solely in your interest to ensure that you get the best possible results by utilizing Federal Government options to Eliminate or Reduce your debt immediately.


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