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Debt Consolidation and Debt Help for British Columbia Residents

Why Choose DebtCare?

We specialize in debt consolidation by accessing government options to eliminate or reduce your debt.

If you have over $8,000 of unsecured
debts, CALL NOW!

  • AVOID bankruptcy
  • STOP wage garnishments
  • STOP harassing phone calls
  • PROTECT your home and car

Get a financial fresh start

  • REDUCE credit card debt
  • REDUCE Canada Revenue Debt
  • REDUCE your interest rate to 0%
  • CONSOLIDATE your debts into one

Dealing with debt in British Columbia

Many families in British Columbia are struggling with debt. Often times a financial crisis can be precipitated by job loss, a failed business, divorce or disability, amongst other reasons.

If you are struggling with debt your first choice may be to see what help is available. Debt consolidation and debt help is available to British Columbia residents, but it is important to research and understand who you are going to for help.

You may choose to deal with your debt different ways – through:

  • a debt consolidation
  • borrowing more money
  • credit counselling
  • consumer proposals
  • bankruptcy
  • debt settlements
  • or a strong financial plan

Some of these choices could make your financial problem worse while other choices could turn your life in a more positive financial direction.

  • We are not Bankruptcy Trustees – they represent your creditors.
  • We are not like credit counselling agencies – they are largely funded by your Credit Card company’s donations.
  • We are not a financial institution – we don’t put our clients in more debt.

Our only agenda is you! We represent YOUR interests.

Our services go well beyond the scope of other debt counselling services. We are Financial Consultants and our team sets the standard for its combination of Credit Counsellors, Insolvency Counsellors, Financial Experts, Legal Professionals and Community Educators in Canada.

DebtCare leverages Federal Government programs to help individuals and businesses struggling with debt. You will not pay one dollar to DebtCare, unless you have been accepted and approved into one of our programs.

Call DebtCare Canada today 1 (888) 890-0888.

Living with Debt in British Columbia

British Columbia is located on the west coast of Canada and is the fourth largest economy in the country.

The economy in British Columbia is largely dominated by the forestry and mining industries. With that said, employment has continued to steadily fall in these industries. Most new jobs in British Columbia have been created in the construction and retail services sectors.

The film industry in British Columbia’s Vancouver region is the third-largest film production location in North America after Los Angeles and New York City.

The economic history of British Columbia has been full of dramatic upswings and downswings. This up and down pattern has caused some families to amass great wealth while other families have floundered.

Economic activity related to mining in particular has widely fluctuated with the changes in commodity prices.

British Columbia’s total debt is forecasted to rise 16% to C$47.8 billion in the 2010-11 fiscal year.


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